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Frank Addington, Jr.


Frank Addington, Jr. a.k.a. THE ASPIRIN BUSTER has been wowing audiences across the United States for three decades now. His amazing accuracy with his Hoyt bow will amaze and entertain audiences of all sizes. Addington has performed in large venues for huge crowds and also performed private exhibitions for well-known celebrities. From Tavern on the Green in New York City to a rodeo arena on King Ranch in South Texas, Addington is a popular figure at any event. His show draws families and lots of media attention. At one show in California, all six LA TV stations featured Addington in one day! He also appeared on CNN with Jeane Moos while doing shows in New York City.

Addington does a show unlike no other. He does the entire show with his recurve bow behind his back! See for yourself why this show continues to draw crowds and media attention across the country. After all, seeing is believing--- see you at the show.

Frank is an instinctive archer and is on the pro staff for Hoyt and proudly uses and endorses Hoyt bows for his stage shows, bowhunting adventures, and backyard shooting. Addington is also on the pro staff for Muzzy broadheads.